Krzysztof Tarnowski

Krzysztof Tarnowski
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Krzysztof Tarnowski considers himself to be a daily observer of the world around him. He writes short stories, scripts, poems, lyrics, songs and essays with his reflections. He mainly draws – producing both individual works and series of drawings. One of his favourite media is comics. He is passionate about history, especially Lviv and the Borderlands, which is often reflected in his works. He is not afraid to discuss difficult and controversial topics. He is fascinated with music – he plays the flute and piano and writes his own music scores. He is a sports enthusiast. He is a professional confectioner.
He has been affiliated with the ArtBrut Gallery & Studio since 2016.

Selected exhibitions:

2017 – BEYOND TABOO III. RELATIONS, ArtBrut Gallery & Studio, Wrocław

2017 – Exhibition of works of artists associated with ArtBrut Gallery & Studio at the 5th BIENNALE OF URBAN ART – OUT OF STH – OCCUPATION – BWA Wrocław

2017 – IN SEARCH OF HARMONY Exhibition in the ArtBrut Gallery & Studio, Wrocław

2017 – BEYOND TABOO IV. CASTAWAY Exhibition, ArtBrut Gallery & Studio, Wrocław

2018 – Exhibition of artists of ArtBrut Gallery & Studio at the International Theatre Festival Retroperspektywy 2018, Art_Inkubator – Fabryka Sztuki, Łódź