Grzegorz Naskręcki

Grzegorz Naskręcki
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Grzegorz NaskręckiGrzegorz Naskręcki


Grzegorz Naskręcki (b. 1982) trained as a plastics operator in Wrocław, and worked as a night watchman. Since 2009 he has taken part in sessions of the art therapy studio at the Therapy and Rehabilitation Centre of the Ostoja Association, run by Małgorzata Rel. His style is expressive and disturbing. Grzegorz makes drawings in oil pastel and pencil. Lines in many of them are emphasised with the colours black, red and blue. His favourite themes include crosses, masks and hearts. The symbolic imagery in his work reflects his magical and mythical perception of the world. He describes his work as internal metaphor, the symbol of a metaphor, faith, as well as the modern Church of our imagination and prayer.

Selected shows:

  • 2011
    • „...For the Eye, Not for Knowledge...”, olo show, ArtBrut Gallery, Wrocław.