CLOSE - An exhibition of works by the artists of ArtBrut Gallery

Event date: 20.10.2016 - 17:00 to 21.10.2016 - 16:45


An exhibition of works by the artists of ArtBrut Gallery
Artistic mentor - Pawel Szeibel
Thursday 20 October 2016, Thursday at 5:00 PM
Saturday 25 November 2016

ArtBrut Gallery
Studio For Social & Cultural Inclusion
46A Ruska St., Wroclaw


An exhibition of the artists of ArtBrut Gallery

Darek Dera | Marcin Guźla | Piotr Jeruzel | Agnieszka Kołodziejczyk | Jacek Kröle | Magdalena Kożuchowska | Kamil Łyjak | Marta Nawojczyk | Andrzej Niedźwiecki | Piotr Rymko | Wanda Sidorowicz | Daniel Stachowski | Krzysztof „Hetman” Tarnowski | Mateusz Tatarczyk | Elwira Zacharska |

Artistic Mentor: Pawel Szeibel

CLOSE is an exhibition which is a polyphonic tale about the nature around us. It is an exhibition showing he relationship between a human-artist and the surrounding floral world. We may a priori presume that

these ties are close, or even essential, after all, we cannot survive without our natural environmental.

To understand the world of plants, to tame it, to reflect on it - is the task assigned by Pawel Szeibel to the invited artists of ArtBrut Gallery. Some of them examine the structure of their chosen plants with a truly laboratory approach. They zoom in, peep, analyse - and finally present results of their observations in the form of installations, photographs and videos. Others create minimalist, spontaneous drawings or paintings. Sometimes these are field recordings and clips from trips to the botanical garden, and sometimes images of nature recalled from memory. Finally, some authors treat plants - in various stages of development - directly as a medium. Seeds, flowers, fruits become a matter for artistic expression.

Each production of the exhibition is the result of a process – it germinated and flourished in joint discussions, looking for inspiration in the works of contemporary artists, experimenting with tools and the matter. Interdisciplinary approach reveals the individualism approach of every artist. Each of them, in their own way, is talking about his or her personal relationship with the surrounding nature, using their chosen means of expression.

The exhibition is a consequence of meetings of the artists of the ArtBrut Gallery with Pawel Szeibel within the project of ArtBrut Gallery and Studio For Social And Cultural Inclusion as well as of the co-operation with WRO Art Center in 2016. The concept of the exhibition has been inspired and initiated by the prior workshops for the artists of the ArtBrut Gallery run by Pawel Szeibel - an artist invited by WRO Art Center within the framework of Eco Expanded City (a project under the European Capital Of Culture Wroclaw 2016, as a part of City Of The Future / Laboratory Wroclaw.) We would like to extend our thanks to Magdalena Kreis and Bartosz Konieczny of WRO Art Center for their help and substantive support.

and Magdalena Kożuchowska

The exhibition has been organised within a public task entitled:RUNNING ARTBRUT GALLERY AND STUDIO FOR SOCIAL & CULTURAL INCLUSION FOR PERSONS WITH INTELLECTIAL DISABILITIES AND MENTAL DISORDERS IN THE YEARS 2016-2018 financed by the Municipality of Wroclaw.

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