Marta Nawojczyk

Marta Nawojczyk
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Marta NawojczykMarta Nawojczyk


Marta Nawojczyk creates drawings, paintings, assemblages and three-dimensional objects. Her trademark are colourful compositions made up of repeating sequences of geometric abstract patterns. These colourful pictograms fill both flat and spatial forms. Many of them are inspired by her large collection of colourful clothing belts. Her works have been included in the book ‘I DON’T FIT IN MY SKIN’, published by the ArtBrut Gallery & Studio in cooperation with the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016.
She has been associated with the ArtBrut Gallery and Studio since their inception in 2009.

Selected exhibitions:

2011 – ANTIDOTE Exhibition at the 12th Survival Art Review, ‘City – Inflammatory State’, abandoned building of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Wrocław

2013 – ON THE COMMON. WAVES EVERYWHERE 2 as part of the 15th Media Art Biennale WRO 2013 PIONEERING VALUES, ArtBrut Gallery & Studio, Wrocław

2016 – BEYOND TABOO Exhibition / PAR-DELÀ LES TABOUS – presented at the ‘Art et Déchirure’ Festival in the MAM Gallery, Rouen/France

2017 – Exhibition of works of artists associated with ArtBrut Gallery & Studio at the 5th BIENNALE OF URBAN ART – OUT OF STH – OCCUPATION – BWA Wrocław

2018 – Exhibition of artists of ArtBrut Gallery & Studio at the International Theatre Festival Retroperspektywy 2018, Art_Inkubator – Fabryka Sztuki, Łódź

2019 – ARTBRUT IN PROGRESS Exhibition in the ArtBrut Gallery & Studio, Wrocław