Piotr Jeruzel

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Piotr JeruzelPiotr Jeruzel
Piotr JeruzelPiotr Jeruzel
Piotr JeruzelPiotr Jeruzel
Piotr JeruzelPiotr Jeruzel
Piotr JeruzelPiotr Jeruzel


Piotr Jeruzel is a unique creator, a colourist with a specific, individual style. He creates paintings, drawings, watercolours, photographs and collages. He uses a variety of forms of expression, tools and materials. He likes delicate textures and lightweight objects. He is a collector – he has a collection of Barbie dolls that inspire him to create. He collaborated with renowned artists: with Barbara Idzikowska he created a series of glass objects, and with Jerzy Kosałka he prepared his solo exhibition. He likes music and dancing very much, which sometimes becomes an element of communication with others.
He has been associated with the ArtBrut Gallery & Studio since their inception in 2009.

Selected exhibitions:

2011 – ANTIDOTE Exhibition at the 12th Survival Art Review, ‘City – Inflammatory State’, abandoned building of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Wrocław

2013 – ON THE COMMON. WAVES EVERYWHERE 2 as part of the 15th Media Art Biennale WRO 2013 PIONEERING VALUES, ArtBrut Gallery & Studio, Wrocław

2015 – EAT ART exhibition. Presented as part of the international project OpenHub Europe: Milan, Italy

2016 – BEYOND TABOO Exhibition / PAR-DELÀ LES TABOUS – presented at the ‘Art et Déchirure’ Festival in the MAM Gallery, Rouen/France

2017 – Exhibition of works of artists associated with ArtBrut Gallery & Studio at the 5th BIENNALE OF URBAN ART – OUT OF STH – OCCUPATION – BWA Wrocław

2019 – THE TITLE OF THIS EXHIBITION IS NOT IMPORTANT – a solo exhibition by Piotr Jeruzel ArtBrut Gallery & Studio, Wrocław