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ArtBrut Gallery and Studio For Social & Cultural Inclusion

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Tuesday – 15:00–18:00
Wednesday – 13:00–16:00
Thursday – 15:00–18:00
Friday – 14:00–17:00

ArtBrut Gallery and Studio For Social & Cultural Inclusion has been run by World of Hope Association at 46A Ruska Street in Wroclaw, since 2009. Its tasks consist in presenting and actively promoting art and creative output of intellectually handicapped artists and persons with mental disorders, facilitating their social inclusion as well as searching for and implementing effective forms of support for this particular artistic group.

This is a long-term and non-commercial project of the Association. Funds for the project are raised each year from diversified sources. This is the only project of this kind in Wroclaw and one of very few in Poland. The activities of the Gallery & Studio include a series of exhibitions, art workshops, artists and authors talks as well as various social inclusion actions and creative animations. ArtBrut Gallery has so far organised over 35 collective & solo exhibitions and presentations of art brut and outsider art, has created its own art collection, maintains extensive records of its activities.

In 2013 ArtBrut Gallery received the ‘It’s Worth It’ cultural award from Gazeta Wyborcza - Wroclaw in the visual arts category. Earlier the Gallery was twice a nominee for this award. Projects by the ArtBrut Gallery And Studio for Social & Cultural Inclusion form a part of the application as well as the programme of European Capital of Culture 2016. 

Major international exhibitions presenting ArtBrut Gallery include:

> ON THE COMMON. WAVES EVERYWHERE 2 - presented as part of the 15th Media Art Biennale WRO 2013 PIONEERING VALUES, in co-operation with WRO Art Centre;

> ANTIDOTUM - presented during the 12th Survival Art Review  ‘CITY – INFLAMATORY STATE’ in 2014 in Wroclaw;

> HANDLE WITH CARE - presented as part of  OSTRALE’015 in Dresden/Germany;

> EAT ART presented as part of the ‘openHUB Europe’ international project in 2015 in Milan/Italy;

>PAR-DELÀ LES TABOUS – presented at the ‘Art et Déchirure’ Festival in 2016 in Rouen/France. 

The Gallery and the Studio also seek to improve the quality of life of mentally handicapped persons by providing therapeutic care, stimulating and supporting their individual development, fostering their creative potential, abilities and interests, as well as enabling their social inclusion.

The Gallery and the Studio are also involved in social inclusion projects run by World of Hope Association. These are projects aimed at a better social inclusion of the mentally handicapped persons and their integration in cultural live of the city. Our projects are undertaken in partnership with leading Wroclaw artists and cultural and artistic institutions.

Developing long-term co-operation enables the exploration and implementation of modern methods and customized solutions in social and professional inclusion of people with special needs. Our primary task is to overcome the fear of contacting and working with mentally handicapped persons resulting either from negative perception or stereotypes. Social dialogue is essential, in particular through the involvement of communities and socio-cultural institutions. Through participation in cultural events people get used to the presence of persons with disabilities in social and cultural life, and change the quality of mutual relations.

We try to follow the examples and standards of more experienced European and global organisations, so we plan for the Gallery and the Studio to become a venue where artists with special needs could develop their social as well as vocational skills.

We want the persons under the care of the Gallery and the Studio to feel they own the place where they can get together, create, exchange views and experiences; that this is a space which they can create to meet their needs and dreams.

ArtBrut Gallery and Studio For Social & Cultural Inclusion, being a space for artistic events and meetings, but also a venue to present and promote the city’s efforts for mentally handicapped persons, is now becoming an important centre for integration through art on the map of Wrocław.



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