Bartosz Runiewski

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Bartosz RuniewskiBartosz Runiewski
Bartosz RuniewskiBartosz Runiewski
Bartosz RuniewskiBartosz Runiewski


Bartosz Runiewski (b. 1985) has been associated with ArtBrut Gallery since 2009, and has been involved in most of the Gallery’s activities. His primary medium is photography, and he focuses on the details of his surroundings. His photographs have an austere feel. Bartosz likes travelling and exploring new places. He is a joint winner, with ArtBrut Studio and Gallery, of Gazeta Wyborcza’s WARTO Award for visual arts in 2013.

Selected shows and events:

  • 2013
    • „On the Common: Waves All Around 1 & 2”, WRO Art Center and as part of the Media Art Biennale WRO 2013 Pioneering Values, Wrocław.
    • „Rights of Equals”, the project of ArtBrut Gallery and the Regional Delegation of the European Commission in Wrocław.
  • 2012
    • „Jubilo” project, ArtBrut Gallery and Song of the Goat Theatre, Wrocław.
  • 2010
    • „Pink”, ArtBrut Gallery, Wrocław.
    • „ArtBrut Enchanters shows”, ArtBrut Gallery, Wrocław.