Asking for answers - event accompanying the exhibition FIGHTS PUNCHES

Event date: 06.07.2023 - 17:00

When: Thursday 6 July 2023 from 5.00 p.m.
Where: ArtBrut Gallery
& Studio for Socio-Cultural Inclusion
46A/102 Ruska Street, Wrocław


The exhibition FIGHTS PUNCHES refers to literary forms and textual works in art brut and outsider art.

The event will include a meeting with the art brut and outsider art artists who took part in the exhibition, as well as Wrocław poetesses, poets, and artists representing various literary circles. Together we will discuss what creativity means to them. What season of the year is best for writing? How about the time of day? What is the best thing to eat before writing a poem? And what after? We invite you to a literary roundtable where we will exchange experiences. We believe that we will find the right questions, and possibly even the right answers.

During the meeting, you will also have the opportunity to learn about and listen to the texts by female artists associated with the ArtBrut Gallery & Studio.

The programme also includes a collective game of Exquisite Corpse (a favourite game of the Surrealists), where we will collectively try to create collaborative texts.

The meeting will be hosted by the exhibition's artistic mentor Emilia Konwerska and Marcin Czerwiński Plaża (sie ś)ciemnia (The Beach is getting dark).

Other confirmed participants in the event are: Karolina Kapusta, Kamil Kawalec ('Zakład'), Ewa Jarocka, Adrian Tujek, Victor Ficnerski (Sandpaper), Anna Adamowicz, Konrad Góra (Papierwdole Publishing House).

We expect the event to be spontaneous. We are open to musical accents, performative elements and heated discussions.
Emilia Konwerska: literary scholar, publicist, curator, poet. She has published, among others, in 'Gazeta Wyborcza', 'Nowy Obywatel' and 'Vogue'. She collaborates with 'Krytyka Polityczna'. As a curator at the Dobra Gallery in Olsztyn, she has organised more than 20 exhibitions. In 2021, Papierwdole publishing house published her debut poetry book entitled 112, for which she was nominated for the Gdynia Literary Award and honoured in the competition for the best debut of the year 2022 - Złoty Środek Poezji. She has published her poems in, among others, the magazine 'Łałok', 'Strona Czynna' and 'Dwutygodnik'.

Marcin Czerwiński: poet, university lecturer, founder and for many years editor-in-chief of the art and literary magazine Rita Baum, organiser of the performance meetings Noc Performerów (Night of the Performers) and Plaża (sie ś)ciemnia (The Beach is getting dark).
More about the exhibition

The exhibition has been organized within a public task entitled: RUNNING ARTBRUT GALLERY AND STUDIO FOR SOCIO- CULTURAL INCLUSION FOR PERSONS WITH INTELLECTUAL DISABILITIES AND MENTAL DISORDERS IN 2023 co-financed by the Municipality of Wroclaw

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Asking for answers - event accompanying the exhibition FIGHTS PUNCHES