OUT OF THE DARK - a solo exhibition of Katinka Kaskeline

Event date: 14.05.2022 - 19:00

Opens on the Night of Museums in Wrocław: Saturday, 14 May 2022, 7:00 p.m.
Exhibition open until: 28 July 2022

ArtBrut Gallery
& Studio for Socio-Cultural Inclusions
Wrocław, 46A Ruska Street

Exibition Artitistic Mentor: Jacek Zachodny
Producer: Aleksandra Sarna


Katinka Kaskeline is an artist who works and lives in her hometown Berlin and is associated with the Berlin ART CRU Gallery which promotes art brut and outsider art. She comes from an artistic family which has been involved in various art forms for generations. She earned her own apprenticeship as a goldsmith and completed her studies at FHG Pforzheim and the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

In terms of applied techniques, the author can be called a total artist who uses a wide variety of materials, drawing from her intimate life and other people's personal experiences, reacting with sharpened sensitivity to stereotypes, social myths, and decisions about what is heroic and what is sacred. The artist creates objects, sculptures, drawings, paintings and collages on canvas, paper and wood. For her collages she uses acrylic, ink, paper and cut-out illustrations from books, map fragments and other publications. Each found object or its scrap can find its new place, change its meaning, adding an unexpected context.

In her art, reality dissolves and stratifies. Reality, seamlessly without boundary, passes into unreality and a form of sadness, a melancholy common to all living beings. We have the irresistible impression that the world is a multidimensional land filled with living and dying, all aspects at the same time. Growth is accompanied by decay, the sense of community by loneliness, everything has its reflection and multiple potential. Alongside people, animals such as birds, cats and insects are also equally important characters in her works. The artist's sensitivity and perception of the world is, however, put to a severe test these days. Pandemics, social changes, refugees or war are imprinted in her emotional works. The search for answers is an extension of freedom, but it also has consequences. The artist describes her creative process as an exciting dispute with matter, sometimes of long duration. Throughout this time, she undertakes a search for the 'right' image. Layer by layer.

A series of portraits inspired by photographs of the artist was presented by ArtBrut Gallery for the first time in a collective exhibition entitled ART CRU at ArtBrut in 2018. The planned solo exhibition will feature many works from the artist's oeuvre to date, including those that have not been exhibited before or will be specially prepared for the exhibition.

Jacek Zachodny

 The title of the exhibition OUT OF THE DARK is the title of one of Katinka Kaskeline's works, and is taken from a song by the Austrian artist Falco, [Johann (Hans) Hölzel] about coming out of the darkness into the light.

The exhibition has been organised within a public task entitled: RUNNING ARTBRUT GALLERY AND STUDIO FOR SOCIO-CULTURAL INCLUSION FOR PERSONS WITH INTELLECTIAL DISABILITIES AND MENTAL DISORDERS IN 2022 financed by the Municipality of Wroclaw.

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OUT OF THE DARK - a solo exhibition of Katinka Kaskeline