ArtBrut in progress - exhibition directly refering to the 10th anniversary of the ArtrBrut Gallery and Studio in Wrocław

Event date: 18.05.2019 - 18:30

Participating artists:
Jakub Adamski, Katarzyna Binek, Michał Bujnicki, Darek Dera, Małgorzata Dora, Bartosz Dziedzic, Joanna Golachowska, Magdalena Grabowska, Marcin Guźla, Piotr Jeruzel, Janusz Kalinik, Jakub Kluczny, Adrian Kokot, Agnieszka Kołodziejczyk, Anna Konieczna, Renata Konopelna, Mateusz Kosecki, Marta Kowalska, Magdalena Kożuchowska, Jacek Kröle, Kamil Łyjak, Katarzyna Martynowska, Justyna Matusiak, Grzegorz Naskręcki, Marta Nawojczyk, Andrzej Niedźwiecki, Marta Noga, Edward Rochowczyk, Bartosz Runiewski, Piotr Rymko, Kamil Rzepa, Wanda Sidorowicz, Cela Sobolewska, Daniel Stachowski, Marta Stańczyk, Krzysztof Tarnowski, Mateusz Tatarczyk, Marek Trociński, Maciej Tryniszewski, Aleksandra Tsitini, Magdalena Tylecka, Dawid Wasieczko, Elwira Zacharska, Mateusz Ziomek, Henryk Żarski, Eryk Żyburtowicz

Opens: Saturday 18 May 2019, 6:30 P.M.
Long Night of Museums in Wrocław
Open until: 26 July 2019

ArtBrut Gallery
Studio For Socio-Cultural Inclusion
46A Ruska St., Wrocław

Exhibition Artistic Mentor: Jacek Zachodny


ArtBrut in progress exhibition directly refers to the 10th anniversary of the ArtrBrut Gallery and Studio in Wrocław, therefore, the exhibition will feature works art works from the years 2009–2019. The Gallery will open its large reserve normally kept in storage and will show works from the collection that has been compiled for years.

Presentations of visual arts will be accompanied by audio-performative works and texts: poetic works, manifestoes, short literary forms.

The organisers of ArtBrut in progress would like to present a variety of topics addressed by artists, as well as the variety of techniques they use: from drawing, painting, comics, graphics, through spatial objects, to new media, digital photography and experiments with video art.

ArtBrut Gallery would also like to explore its archives and documentation of activities, recalling and presenting the most important concepts of this place, such as: a long-term process of creative exchange connecting different circles and people, partnership cooperation with numerous artists, cultural institutions, centres and places that showcase contemporary art as well as the social dimension of these activities.

Moreover, there is an important ideological aspect of the Gallery’s activity, i.e. bringing art brut into the circulation of contemporary art. During the past ten years this allowed the artists associated with ArtBrut Gallery to participate in many exhibitions, international projects and festivals of contemporary art.

The opening of the ArtBrut in progress exhibition is planned on the Long Night of Museums. This is a chance of face-to-face meeting with the art brut and outsider art artists. A curatorial tour of the exhibition is also planned.

The exhibition has been organised within a public task entitled: RUNNING ARTBRUT GALLERY AND STUDIO FOR SOCIAL & CULTURAL INCLUSION FOR PERSONS WITH INTELLECTIAL DISABILITIES AND MENTAL DISORDERS IN THE YEARS 2019–2021 financed by the Municipality of Wroclaw.

ArtBrut in progress - invitation ArtBrut in progress - invitation

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